Setup Jekyll on Windows

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Jekyll is a great tool that you can use to generate personal blogs or company website using markdown language.

Here is some awesome instructions on Run Jekyll on Windows

And even better, there is an out of box template that you can use to create a blog with “Minimal Mistakes” theme

If you are still unsure, just clone my repo here and run the command below using your favourite CLI, such as Powershell, Bash, Cmd etc.

jekyll serve --watch

You may come across the error below, that is most likely due to the Code Page settings.

-  Conversion error: Jekyll::Converters::Scss encountered an error while converting 'assets/css/main.scss':
-                    Invalid GBK character "\xE2" on line 54

eg. Powershell
My helpful screenshot

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
New-Item -Path $Profile -ItemType file -Force

Then, copy/paste “chcp 65001 >$null” into the file and save, the “Current Code Page” should become “65001 (UTF-8)” Run the command below again

jekyll serve --watch

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